Functional Medicine:
Make your body work better.

An Integrative, Science-Based Lifestyle approach to Healthcare

The Functional GP helps you discover the Root Cause of Your Health Issues and Achieve Optimal Wellness.

Holistic Assessment

Functional medicine is an integrative, science-based health care approach that takes a whole person view to medical care. Rather than focusing on isolated organ systems and individual symptoms, functional medicine evaluates you holistically. This allows practitioners to identify core imbalances and patterns in physiology, genetics, environment, lifestyle, diet, and other factors that may be causing health issues.

Personalised Care Plan

Once the root causes of the illness have been identified, we create a personalised treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique needs. This plan focuses on restoring balance and health by addressing the underlying cause of the illness, rather than simply treating the symptoms. The goal of functional medicine is to help you achieve long-term health and wellness.

Health isn't a goal, it's way of living

Effective and Long-Lasting Solutions

Functional medicine offers effective and long-lasting solutions to many health concerns. This is often through changes in diet and lifestyle and we take a food first approach. Much illness is caused or worsened by poor gut health. By addressing these underlying triggers and hWe can provide a range of solutions that can maintain and restore optimal health.

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