About us

Dr. Jethro Turner


Dr Turner is a skilled general practitioner with extensive experience in providing comprehensive healthcare services.Having earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Leeds (BSc) with honours in 2005 and then his medical degree from the University of Warwick (MBChB) 2009. Since qualification he was worked in the UK and in Australia.

He qualified as a General Practitioner in 2017 and is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.He has also completed the Advanced Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) program from the Institute of Functional Medicine, which has equipped him with knowledge and skills in integrative and functional medicine.

This specialised training enables him to look for and address the root causes of illnesses and provide personalised treatment plans that focus on optimising health and wellness. His special interests lie in managing metabolic disease, insulin resistance, lipids and cholesterol and longevity medicine.In addition he is well-versed in Mold exposure and toxicity, and understands the impact that environmental factors, can have on overall health. He takes a science based, holistic approach to medicine, recognising the interconnectedness of various systems and how environmental factors can contribute to health challenges.

With a passion for functional medicine and a commitment to patient-centred care, he brings a unique perspective to The Functional GP - being both a practicing GP as well as a functional medicine doctor.

This means he is literate with your current medical diagnoses and prescription treatments. This breadth of training underpins the detailed personal approach offered.He is dedicated to empowering patients to take an active role in their own health and well-being.