Welcome to The Functional GP! We believe in providing quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable for everyone. As part of our commitment to transparency, we would like to explain our pricing structure to ensure you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with our services.

We offer a range of services to meet your healthcare needs, including full functional medicine assessment, wellness checks and Mold assessments. The prices below give an idea of what to expect. Individual needs are unique, and a personalised plan will be developed with you.

Free 10-minute discovery call

The first step will allows us to explore your health needs, explain your options and work out which option is most suited to you.



This is our most comprehensive assessment. It includes:

Doctor Preparatory work and review from questionnaires submitted prior to the appointment.

60 minute in depth exploration of your health needs with your clinician. Here you will have the time to explain your health concerns without being rushed.

Agreement on a health plan - which may include lifestyle advice, nutrition, supplements, medication, or a combination of these. Additional testing may be required, and this is priced separately.

A 30 minute follow up to review any test results and progress.

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This is best suited for individuals looking for more information on their health, check any risk factors and make informed preventive measures. The package includes:

60 minutes in depth exploration of your current and past medical history as well as concerns regarding your health and any areas you wish to explore.
30 minutes follow up with the results of any tests undertaken.
Comprehensive summary report of any results for your further use.

Please note testing is in addition to this. See below for more information.

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This assessment if for individuals with known or suspected Mold exposure. It primarily focuses on these issues and creates a plan of symptom alleviation. The package includes:

Mold exposure questionnaire
60 minutes in depth review of symptoms and current issues
A personalised plan to improve health post exposure.
30 minutes follow up to review results of any testing and adjust your plan accordingly.
Please note additional testing for this is strongly advised and costs approximate to be £300+ depending on what is required.

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Accurate and timely diagnostic tests are crucial for effective medical treatment. Our diagnostic tests are priced individually, and the cost varies depending on the specific test ordered. We utilise advanced technologies and collaborate with trusted laboratories to provide you with reliable results. Our pricing structure ensures that you receive accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans. The cost will be known before you proceed so you have full control over your health journey.